What it’s About


I drive a lot, in fact I drive for a living. My day consists of driving, driving and a little interaction with customers, then driving. Sometimes I have to deliver some freight and that takes a bit of the edge off. Oh and did I mention that there is some driving involved? Driving is an exercise in staying alert while staying awake. I listen to the radio— a lot. Audio books are a mainstay for brain occupation too. I am nearly on a first name basis with the librarian.

Then there are times when all the noise of everything gets too much and I’ll just think and let my mind wander. This blog represents some of my musings. We will have a look at many topics and have some lively conversations on what is here.

I hope to get every one engaged and suggesting topics for discussion. So if you have anything on you mind…bring it on!


P.S. I have a couple of other blogs that you should look at. One is called A Dad Grows Ups-musings during our journey . As it sounds this blog is about my journey as a father. The other is more political in nature and it is My Rantings (a journal of thoughts). And is at http://one-lone-castaway.blogspot.com/. Have a look at them and let me know what you think.

Good reading to all!


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