My Libertarian friends have strong ideas

I have a couple of friends who are Libertarians and we have been talking about some of the issues that face us now. Truth is, I believe in the philosophy behind it…if we were all clones. We are not though. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some can make others do things and convince them their direction is the best. Others have ideas that change the world. There are people who can fix anything that is broken; doctors, mechanics and electricians. In our society, we have those who think they can govern and lead us to a better place. We also have those who have many of these abilities, yet use them for their own personal gain, those who step on others to get more for themselves.

Here is a case in point, a personal one. A little while ago, a friend, a self-professed Libertarian, and I were talking about his working position. He is a salesman for a real-estate online thing. I am always interested in learning about ways to make money, yet I know I am no sales man. We went back and forth about his job and he tried to get me involved. I told him two things, the first being I was not going to get involved until I had a look at some information about the gig…which he never provided. Second, I had no money to invest in the his offering. We went back and forth for an hour or so. He, trying to convince me to do as he said, “With your people skills and ability, you will do great with this opportunity.” Truth is, I don’t have people skills and I have tried to work in similar situations and not done so well.

This is a mild case, one where I did not do something that another wanted me to, a “friend” yet. My friend tried to convince me to do something he knew I was not qualified for. I was able to get myself out of the situation with no harm done, but what would have happened if I had not? I would have bought into his plan (that worked for him, not so much me) and failed. Not so good for me. If we follow this to its logical conclusion, I could have lost what little I have and ended up on welfare sucking from the governments’ tete. It would have been my fault because I did something stupid, yet the tax payer would have been the ultimate victim of my bad decision. My friend may or may not have been malicious in his intentions, it does not matter.

Yet there are companies that target those who cannot do the job they offer. They take the money and take advantage of their victims, and it is legal…yet, is it fair? No. This is why we have a government, to protect those who cannot, or don’t know how to protect themselves.

Another point. Existing today are many people who are stuck in a place in their lives where they cannot afford the basics we need in our society, insurance, to name but one necessity.

Due to many factors, many honest people make barely enough money to keep a roof over their heads and food for the next meal. These are intelligent, honest, hard-working people (think Wal-Mart). Yet they can only find a job that pays barley, minimum wage. They can hardly make enough to stay out of personal bankruptcy—on a monthly basis. ( We will not even talk about the stress involved in this existence, thus causing various abuses in the household)

What happens though, to the guy that works at a position, only just making enough money to make ends meet, thus having to give up health insurance? What happens when he gets into a car accident while going to work? He has no insurance because the government has taken the Medicaid he relied upon for his family, due to a costing smaller government.

Now, our hard-working man is injured, while his wife takes care of their 2 kids with no money coming in…while the medical bills mount. Who is at fault? Does it really matter? No, the blame is not important to his kids, they are just plain hungry. He will recover from his injuries,  and work again. Though he will be limping around and in constant pain, because his spinal cord was partially crushed. Yet the medical bills need to be paid, but so does the mortgage, and food. The kids need clothes. The roof needs to be repaired. Life goes on, the bills pile up.

None of this was his fault, the high paying textile plant in his town was outsourced. He would have moved his family to another country, but was not given the opportunity.

This is a fictional portrayal, but this kind of thing does happen.

I ask this simple question: should we let this man, a family man, faithful to his wife and kids, be passed by, like roadkill on the side of the road?

OK, two questions: Is this the American Way?



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