Time for a rant! Part 1

It has been a while since I have merely ranted. I have not done a product review for a while either. Boy, do I have something to whine about now.

On a lark I went into a t-mobile store to see what they had to offer. The sales GIRL ( I use the term in the most derisive way possible)told me every thing I wanted to hear. She said I could have a plan that met all of my needs for less than $80.00 a month. I walked out of the store without getting anything right then yet the seed was planted.

I know the things I want on my phone are pretty “top shelf.” This is what I want:

  1. A smart phone with all the bells and whistles.
  2. A plan that is inexpensive


  1. More than 900 minutes for talk
  2. Texting, more than 200 per month
  3. At least 2 gigs of data (meaning full internet abilities)
    1. Web surfing
    2. Assorted Google searching, including Mapping, and travel routing
    3. App downloading
    4. Internet Radio including IHEARTRADIO and NPR, etc., radio services
    5. And tethering to my laptop for when I want to use the computer              for real work

All for less than I was paying before. “Why of course we can do this for you Mr. Turner, for less than you are paying now!”

I asked the sale girl, her name was Ty, what to expect in extra fees. She said, “We do not work like that.”

I have since found out that statement may not be entirely true.

I let the idea settle for a few days and did a little research on other carriers. I found that this sounded like a pretty good deal. I would be saving almost $30.00 a month. So, even with the early termination fee from Sprint I would come out way ahead financially. The phone she sold me would be adequate to my needs, but that was almost secondary, most Androids have the abilities that I require. It is the service that really matters to me.

Having said that, the phone I got is the HTC Achieve. Ty told me that it has a new antenna and would be really good. When I went back to make the deal, I was a little skeptical about the phone, but the service I thought is was getting would be good.

I took the phone out during the weekend for a ride around the mountains to see what the reception was like. The phone did not have all the bars filled, but I was able to make calls and get internet well enough. Google maps and Navigation seemed to work to my satisfaction and in some places I actually got a 4G signal, in others it went down to 2G. All in all the phone passed its tests with flying colors. I can even use the phone in places that I did not get reception with Sprint.

Happiness! I have found a phone and carrier that works great  and I am paying less than before! The world is a good place, and I have everything I want.

So I settled down to personalizing the phone, adding apps, setting the various screens, and learning how to use the thing. I was happy with my new purchase, content knowing that I had soon a smart thing.

Until a week had gone by.


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