An Afternoon on the Bike

At first, we were to meet in a little town called Forest City, but honestly there is not too much to see. I told her that and we decided to go to Lake Lure instead. Lake Lure and Chimney Rock have the charm and unique beauty of some of the nicest place I have ever been to in all of my vast travels. (yeah right!)

However, she lives in Charlotte and I live in Asheville about 100 miles apart. And it just seemed silly for her to go that far for only a few minutes of companionship. So back to Forest City. Yet, I really don’t like that place. Finally I suggested Shelby.

I hopped on and got the bike going.  Got some gas and headed out to points east. The ride to Lake Lure on 74 A is always a diversion that commands my full attention, while allowing my brain to churn over the chattel that in constantly muddling my brain. When riding these roads, I am at ease with everything in my life. There is nothing but the moment and the next curve and how do I attack it.

I made my first way stop in Chimney Rock. Truthfully, I really wanted to spend a little time there. I walked around a bit and went to Heavenly Hogs and did the obligatory walk around. Just the smell of leather in that place is enough to get the endorphins popping. They have some patches that might work to hide the sweat holes that are developing on one sleeve.

I walked up to the to their other shop, this one has helmets and some ladies boots. I liked on of the helmets they had, granted it is a brain pan, but the image on it was interesting. I might get it later on this year before I go on the weekenders in the summer.

Finally I had to check out the new to me, Heavenly Hogs Bar & Grill. I had heard it was a place to look at. Its right on the river, with an outside bar. The bartenders are cute, but the beer cups are small. I did not order any food, nor did I see any food on in front of the patrons. But the bikes that were parked there were cool and the people sitting around the place ran the gambit from heavily tattooed, muscle shirted road warriors to weekend riders wanting to experience the road on two wheels for a change of pace.

It was time for me to move on and get to Shelby. The road one takes from Lake Lure to Shelby is 74 A again. Leaving Lake Lure is windy and fun. For the most part I was able to set my own pace and weaved in and out of the curves and twists at my own pace. There were farms and rural homes lining the road. A pretty ride heightened by the anticipation of seeing a special lady.

I finally got to our meeting place expecting to have a little wait. I could use it to adjust the idle of the Beast, I think it is too high right now. However, she showed up just as I was taking my helmet off. You gotta love it that she is on time, every time!

There is a Honda Dealer just up the road from where we met and she wanted to have a look at their used bikes. Who am I to say no to that?

The shop was closed due to Mother’s Day. Not sure how that works, but we got lucky when someone rode up at the same time. It turns out his family owns the shop. He let us in. She saw a bike, a white Honda Shadow VT 750  it looked nice. We will see. I did however, tell her that she should only get a Honda or Harley they are the only two bikes worth getting.

We rode around a bit. I dunno, but it is really special to have someone you like riding with me. And she knows how to ride back there! Pretty cool!

We found a place and talked a bit then walked around looking for a place to get some food. A burger place filled the bill. I had a bistro burger, yum. Brie cheese melted on a good hamburger.

When we got back to her car, we talked a bit however, it was getting late so, regretfully I went west and she went east. The day ends too soon sometimes and this was one of those times. We spent time talking and not teasing each other. There was a little innuendo, only enough to bring a smile when silence was too loud.

Silence is not a factor on the Beast from Milwaukee between the wind at 70 mph and the guttural screech of that engine, I was able to wash my psyche clean of my desire to stay and wallow in her arms and beautiful eyes.

It did not hurt that the sun was going down in an hour or so and there were no trees to break the glare overloading them my vision. 74 A in reverse is about the same only backwards. Once I finally broke out of the crush of cages, I was able to open up a little. This time I concentrated on the ride more than usual and did not wonder as much.

I let my eyes look over the landscape. While the mountains were a ways off, I looked at the farm land and smelled the oder of the world. My nose flared with the scent of fresh-cut grass and manure. Driving these roads, there are no paper plants to smell, nor stench of trucks on a late Saturday afternoon.

The bike flowed, gears shifted, my butt settled in the saddle. As I got closer to Lake Lure, the curves got steeper and sharper, I sat up straighter and rode the throttle and breaks a little more. I wonder what my eyes look like when I get into a groove like that.

I made it to Mom & Dad’s and got the Runtyun, we finally got home. It was a little after dark and I was a little road weary, but after a shower and a glass of… The Runtyun and I sat for a minute before she went to bed. It’s good to get back to my life as I know it, yet escaping to a friendship that no one else knows about is fun too.


One response to “An Afternoon on the Bike

  1. This was a very nice story, it’s always great to be with someone and feel comfortable with them. I enjoyed this very much.

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