Racism and my rants and ramblings Part 1

First off, let me state that I am for racial equality and I just don’t understand how someone can be judged by the color if their skin, or spiritual belief they subscribe to, or any of the other artificial cliche’s we can come up with. Having said that though, I find myself constantly pigeonholing people. It is a constant battle with me to try to take each person I meet and see them as a clean slate. We will see what those who have the moral authority have to say about my open-mindedness.

Now let me relate a quick story.

I was driving through town, a fairly liberal place, I came to an intersection with a stop light, there was a bus stop with 2 people waiting. They were African-American. Also there was another man standing and he had a very puffy haircut that was not very neat. He was a big guy with a muscle shirt on and a menacing grin. While I was slowing down for the yellow light, he started to walk into the street diagonally away from me.

He was walking in the general direction of an older mini van. I have to admit my first thoughts were dark and I tried to stifle them and forced myself to look away. But the guy kept on walking toward the van with a kind of grin on his face. I know this ’cause he kept looking round. But of course he needed to keep track of the cars and other traffic around him because he was in the middle of the intersection.

I have to say that I was wondering just what was going on. Then I asked myself would I be thinking “carjacking” if the guy was white? I don’t know. However, I think I would have watched the guy more closely and with less self-conscious awareness if he was.

Any thoughts out there? Let’s talk it through a little.



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