What an Amazing Place

I need to redo our food budget. I spend too much on food and so … New budget time.

I have been wondering about a local place called Amazing Savings. Well, it turns out, it is not really just local they seem to have a number of stores. I did not want to go there in the past because their location is in an old warehouse and snobby me felt …I don’t know. I did a little web research on it though, and figured why not. Plus their ads talked about good prices.

When I walked in it was a little cave like, the first thing I saw was the produce. Yep, it was a little dinged up, but the price… I rummaged through the bins and found apples and pears and other fruits that looked great! Some of the boxed stuff was dinged up a little, but the as long as the seal is still good, who cares?

They also seem to contract with local producers. There were honeys and various fruit jams and good prices. They have chicken at almost half what I pay at the other, major stores. They contract with a local poultry farm, the breasts were boneless, and frozen, but they looked really nice. The red meat looked good and, again the price was great!

I love Doritos. They did not have any, but their choice of chips was outstanding. At 3 11oz. bags for $5.00. At that price I will find a substitute.

Yeah the place is mostly about overstock and the location reminds me of a cave. However, the stuff they have is different from stuff I see at the local Ingles or other super markets and the prices make my wallet real happy. These are good things, right?

Let’s remember that bleu cheese comes from a cave and many people think it is the best!



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