Got a Question

So I am listening to the radio and this guy comes on and tells a joke. My first reaction was to stifle a laugh, then I wondered if the joke was racist. Then, I tried to justify my reactions as hypersensitivity. So I want to know what others think of the joke.

Here it is

Question: What do you call a Mexican that likes Jeff Foxworthy and NASCAR?

Answer: A Red Nexican

Call me naive, silly or simply ignorant, but I don’t know how I feel about this. When we bring up somebodies nationality and use it for a seemingly harmless juxtaposition in thinking, does it imply racism? Is a start down a slippery slope ending in classifying people in negative ways, or can we merely play with words and not be labeled in a negative way?

What are your thoughts? Let’s have a discussion!



3 responses to “Got a Question

  1. Sorry but I don’t know of any mexicans STUPID enough to like Nascar and listen to Jeff Foxworthy. I don’t happen to think he’s funny. I do however, know of several ppl who do both these things, however they r caucasian. (I don’t want to call anyone white because white is the color of paper and I don’t know anybody that looks like that.

  2. Thanks Lillie for your Input. NASCAR is an interesting form of entertainment. But When i drive, or ride a bike, i like to turn both left and right! However, Lillie, you did not answer the real question. I had hoped to get a unique perpesctive from you. Is the play on words racist or prejudicial, or merely a play on words?

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