Angles singing in Church

I posted this on Facebook the other day.


Church is something we endure for our parents as kids


Church is something we endure, as parents, for our kids

There was some trepidation surrounding it.

My daughter, the Runtyun, if you look at one of my other blogs (adadgrowsup) you will know more about her, is a member of the choir at the church here. She seems to enjoy it and the social aspects work well for her and me.

Personally I am not a religious observer. I do acknowledge there is a greater force, one that in some way had a hand, in a metaphorical way, in creating the world in which we live. There is much more to my belief than this, but that is for another posting. I want to go into further depth about the above ditty right now.

My Dad, the Reverend, spent his professional career as a Minster. He helped many people in ways I will never understand. In many cases those he helped will not understand either. He is a subtle man with a soft, yet profound touch.

When I was still in school I had to go to church and Sunday school until I was in the sixth grade. After that I was on my own, I think my parents thought I was old enough to make up my own mind at that stage. I stayed on and sang in the junior choir and even participated in other church duties including being an acolyte. One of my favorite memories is walking home after church with my father. I would stay around and wait for him to finish his duties for us to walk together. This was a good time for me, though I would not have participated had I not felt the duty towards my parents. I did more than merely endure it.


Now that I am an adult, at least by age, and my kid is in the choir and goes to Sunday school. I am considering letting her make up her own mind when she is in the sixth grade too. I believe that the church has a good moral background that I want the Runtyun to have. I may not believe in some of the precepts that is Christianity, but for the most part the foundations offered by it are worth while. Honor, faith in each other, honesty, these are important things in the world. Also, when she started singing in the choir, she and I both made a commitment to something, and I think that commitments should not be taken on lightly. They definitely should not be dropped lightly either.

The Runtyun has asked if she had to stay in the choir, I evade the question a little and try to explain the ideals we are working towards and she sighs and rolls her eyes. After practice though, her eyes are flashing and alive and excited, she runs and flails her arms. And I know the time I spend listening to her sing during the service was well spent.

During the service, when the rituals are going on, I listen and in my own way participate. I let my mind wander a little and try to focus on the important things. I look for ideals and other high-minded offerings from those involved in the ceremonies. However, I am there to hear the angels sing and I know mine is there singing too.  Sometimes I wonder if I could be spending my time better, yet the forced time I spend during the service is a little important too, mostly because of the introspection and time I have to contemplate my fortune.

But I am there to hear the angels sing and I know mine is there singing too.



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