Computer woes and redemptions, or just another day!

So, I take my laptop with me just about everyday. It goes in a book bag with a sleeve for securing it. I have noticed lately that the bag is getting a little ragged and the bottom does not have much padding. As any one who has looked for a laptop book-bag will know they cost a bit of money, more than I want to spend now. So I started looking for a neoprene laptop sleeve. Well, the Mac Store had some, but they cost almost as much as a new book bag. Finally, I went to Best Buy and got a generic one. It still cost more than $20.00 bucks, but I consider that a good investment compared to replacing the laptop.

Now I have a laptop book-bag with a laptop sleeve secured by Velcro. In the sleeve was a silicone packet to help it stay fresh and dry before purchase. I decided to leave the packet in just incase the bag should get wet. I should have know that would come back and bite me…not sayin’ where it bit me.

You guessed it the packet broke and all those little silicone pellets spilled out into the sleeve. Lucky me! I thought I had gotten all of those darn little things out, but a few remained…now we get to the heart of the plot. Charlotte Street Computers rules.

You guessed it, a silicone nugget got stuck in the head phone jack. Now you should know that I am almost as addicted to music as my laptop. Most laptops come with speakers that are adequate, not great. I had a Dell once that had a small sub-woofer and it sounded pretty good, but that was a long time ago. Now I have a MacBook Pro with a set of nice desktop speakers for when I am at home. On the go I use headphones or some portable speakers. However, they need to get plugged in by the Headphone jack.

This cursed little bain of my music well-being was only stuck a little, so I found a really sharp blade on my Swiss Army Knife and tried to work it out. Of course that did not work. That cursed bead just went down deeper and deeper. I worked on it for an hour and only made the it go deeper and deeper.

Aw Drat!

What’s a guy to do? Take the thing apart and try to fix myself. Naw…that could cause warranty issues if something really goes wrong. OK so there is a time when every man needs to realize that he can’t fix everything, so I sucked my pride in and hopped on the trusty HarleyWish this was mine but i got it from,,r:18,s:52 . I'll need to look at the site a little more and rode down to my local corner computer shop: Charlotte Street Computer. I went to the new one(relatively) on Airport Rd. They were eager to fix it and he did not even comment on how it happened. Within ten minutes, while other customers came and went, the tech (actually he is more than a tech) got that darned thing out of the jack hole and I went on my merry way. All this for an incredibly good fee.

This is the second time that shop has helped me out of a computer jam. When I have a real technical issue, I know where I’ll take my business from now on.

THANKS guys at Charlotte Street Computer!



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