Interesting at the Coffee House

The day after Thanksgiving and I am sitting here at a coffee-house waiting for some work. I came to this particular place because it is next to my insurance agency and I need to pay the bill. As I was pulling into the parking area I saw 6 or 8 local police and State Trooper cars parked in the lot. The lights were not flashing and I felt no sense of urgency. So I went in and ordered some coffee.

It is hard to reason why I felt strange going into a store with a group of cops drinking coffee. There was a time when it could have been folly to do so, but now I have nothing to fear from close scrutiny from the police. But that is a story for another time. In this post I am wondering about the dynamics inside the coffee-house.

There were six of them sitting in two distinct groups. By the window were the State Trooper talking away while the local Asheville PD were sitting in their own place. I watched the two groups to see what kind of dynamic was going on. There appeared to be no interaction between them. At one point one of the local guys walked right past the Troopers and no one even looked at the other. He came back and still nothing.

This went on for about 20 minutes, neither party acknowledging the other, when all of a sudden, both tables got up and gathered their stuff and left. There was no signal or alert that I could see. They bogged down at the door and greeted each other like they were seeing the other for the first time, they talked a moment and were off.

Like most people I watch a little TV. Mainly police procedural and Law and Order type stuff, with a liberal amount of Sci fi . Oh, and I am currently Netflixing (?) The X-files! (Awesome program that!) and see how different agencies have rivalries, at least on TV. I have been at other coffee places, though and seen every one sitting together and talking away. So I guess—what? I don’t know. It was simply noteworthy. What I found most interesting was the way they left. All at once and up they got and left at the same time and left, as if there was an unheard cue to leave. Both tables hearing it at the same moment, yet I was deaf to it. Maybe it was the training they have or the mind-set of law enforcement. It was simply interesting to see.

Just sayin’




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