Could It be Newt or Cain?

So I was laying in bed the other night and letting my mind wander. It skipped around from one thing to another. I lamented my lack of discipline in writing here, on this blog and what I should do about it, then it wandered off to some other thing and drifted to something else. Then kinda like a laser beam, I thought about the media spectacle known as Herman Cain. I chuckled over the way he has handled his unwanted issues. The way he simply told every one that there was nothing behind the curtain and it was time to drop the topic. Like the media responds well to being told they don’t need to go any further on a salacious story, like we, the readers, won’t follow it, however guilty we feel.

Then my brain went to the coach Paterno child abuse situation at Penn State, and how badly the media is covering it. The issue is not the coach, but the way Penn State and those directly involved allowed the repeated rape of boys to occur.

As my brain will do sometimes, it wandered back to Cain and his inable dealing with his media tantrums. Then I started to think about Rick Perry and his Brain Malfunction during the debate the other night and the distraction it provided. I heard the other day that Cain is en-couched with the Koch brothers money. They like him. A little theory, or paranoid train of thought began to form on the ping-pong table of these thoughts.

(I just did a quick search on the Koch Brothers and saw that they are mostly involved with the oil and chemical Industries, as well as politics. So I went to their website to see what it has to say. clicking on Get the Facts about Koch to see what it had to offer. Truth be told, I did not read any of the articles, though I will later. It turns out that the first 13 articles listed were in defense of the Koch brothers and their various endeavors. There seemed to be nothing saying anything positive, only the defense of accused negatives.)

For some reason, a very jaded one indeed, it seems Cain is a shill for the brothers Koch, it looks like, in a conspiratorial view, these distractions are just that: distractions to distract us from the history of Herman Cain. It seems to have worked. Are we thinking about Mr. Cain? No. We are in the midst of realigning our moral compass.

I have struggled with the Penn State story since the start and have a lot to say about it. It is unconscionable that someone could see the act and then walk away to figure out what he should do. (Get a Bat and beat the shit out of him, is one answer!) I have heard so many talking heads pontificating about the moral culpability of Coach Paterno. Yes, he should have gone straight to the police with the accusations, but there were so many others who had the same information before he did. Why didn’t they go? However, this is not the purpose of this post. (more later on this one)

So I have brought up the idea that the Koch brothers want to distract us from the story of Cain and his unasked for advancements. This could be merely paranoid musings, but what if…

Could there be a more nefarious motivator here? One may be scared to utter the name…Newt.

Just sayin’ (or askin’)

I welcome whatever you have to say. Let’s have a conversation!



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