A bit of a muse, or I can’t remember what I really wanted to write about

I drive all week-long listening to the radio coming up with ideas on subjects I want to write about. I get fired up about things on the radio and start a mental outline on how the thing will go. I convince myself that I have an insightful outlook, something to say, a unique point of view, an opinion that will blast the whole debate, what ever it may be, wide open. Yet when I get to a place in the day when I can actually get the thoughts recorded, my musings have gone away!

Some would say, “Silly rabbit, take notes!” MMM note taking, one of the many classes I failed during my botched attempt at schooling. “it is so easy, just write the pertinent facts and use them as a guide for the whatever you are doing.” How does one know what a “pertinent fact” is. More importantly though, it is hard to write coherently while driving at 60 mph!

Does any one have a suggestion?


3 responses to “A bit of a muse, or I can’t remember what I really wanted to write about

  1. I once picked up my cellphone and recorded a voice note… the draw back is that I really dislike the sound of my own voice. It’s not annoying or bad or anything, it’s just I don’t like to listen to myself.

    But hey! It might help you!

  2. Use your cellphone, either for a voice mail, or a text message with key words to reference your thoughts. Of course, the old fashioned way would be to tape record your thoughts as you r driving along.

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