At the coffee shop and drifting

So there I am at the only mega book store left drinking some kind of frozen green thing in the coffee shop whose name I shall not utter. I’m there only because my member discount card gets me a discount. I am looking around the web settling in and getting ready to write another profound post for my political blog at:, (shameless advert here: have a look at my Politically inclined blog at: I really want to have a politically oriented discourse at this site, so please have a look and leave a comment to start a conversation.) when the woman in-front of me starts talking on the phone. So I pull out my ear buds, after all she is entitled to talk as long and loud as she wants here. However, before I get my ears plugged into the noise filtering melodies of Rammstein and such I heard this woman asking for info about some documentary. It was an older one about a Downs syndrome child, but that was about all I got before my brain began to throb with the calming tunes of Buck Dich. 

Incredibly as it may seem, I was still having difficulty getting the words from my brain to my fingers. Looking up I saw another woman walking around the cafe with obvious desire for a plug for her Windows laptop. We all know how they use so much battery power that they need to be tethered to an outlet almost immediately. Well, I was at the only table close to an outlet, an old habit from my Windows days, so I offered to move so she use the power.

As I was moving, I heard the documentary woman still trying to get info about her documentary. Well, I was having difficulty focusing on my project, so I thought I would give her search a little shot. She had been working on her search for a half an hour and talked to various people on the phone and I could see the frustration in her shoulders.

So here is what I garnered from my eves dropping:

  1. A documentary
  2. About a Downs Syndrome child
  3. Who is brought up by his sister
  4. It is a PS show
  5. And it is about 5 years old

I don’t use a certain search engine very much, so I figured this may be a good time to try it. I plugged the parameters of the search in something like, “a documentary about a downs syndrome boy, by his sister on PBS.” First hit success!

She was very happy. I guess I was too. I think I’ll check out this search engine a little more.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that I can do things just because it is the neighborly thing to do.

Anyone out there have a story they want to share, either of a courtesy received or given? Let’s talk about good deeds!



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