How do I do it, or the Question of a Dad

We went roller skating today. It was fun to get on four wheels that don’t have a motor attached. Back in the day, I had fun skating while my ship was in port Charleston. I had lots of fun back then.

The Runtyun went skating at camp and wanted to reenact the experience with me. I saw a way to have some fun with her and not go too far and burn lots of gas. So we went to the skate rink with hopes high and wind blowing in our hair.

The clouds in the sky, while we were riding to the rink, were incredible to behold. While the big fluffy cumulus clouds looked so soft and comfy, the grey wispy ones floated around them creating a sky that was both ominous and beautiful, accented with blue the deep blue of a mid summer sky. The wind that blew back at us was fresh yet heavy with moisture. The Parkway was devoid of cars so I was able to ride without the concern of cages in front or in back. O the flow of my ride and the power it oozes makes all worries go away.

We made it to the rink and did the money thing and got our skates. The smell of exercising bodies went away fairly quickly and we got the skates on and slid and flailed our way to the hard floor of the rink.

The ease with which I skated was not the same as “back in the day.” Though as time went on I began to find some kind of rhythm, albeit a little halting! The Runtyun, however—needs a little work. After a couple of attempts at circumventing the rink, I realized she had no clue. So we got back to the rug and sat down and tried to figure out what these round rolly things were all about. We did a few things like rolling the skates back and forth while sitting and then standing, then jumping and generally getting used to having them on. Then I tried to get her to push-off with one wheel, the front.

Finally, it was back to the floor. We tried doing the same exercises again on the smooth floor. We had a little success. My little Runtyun seemed a little more at ease on those unruly things, she even smiled a little!

Finally, her knee seemed to be hurting but we tried to tough our way through until I realized she just did not want to admit it hurt too much. So we packed up and got an ice cream.

Now the reason for this post is to ask anyone out there a question. First though, a little background about me. I have a few strengths and many weaknesses. One of the things that is strongest in me is my stubbornness. This can be construed as a positive or negative depending on the what we are talking about. The truth is I just don’t know when to say stop. I try to say that I am not a quitter. When something gets hard, I try harder.

Does anyone out there know how to pass that trait on to my Runtyun? It seems that at the first sign of resistance she will find a way to leave the challenge. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to explore. Yet at when the going gets tough…

I know that being a father is to help to develop the trates that make a successful person and I think I am doing well, even so I just don’t know how to get my kid to stick to the more frustrating and difficult things.

Any suggestion?

O by the way, the brewse on my butt from that fall is OK!



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