The Movie, or Was It Just My Imagination

Last night we went to see the movie Thor. You gotta love Asheville Pizza Brewing, they have the best movings and great pizza. We will not go into how awesome their home-brewed beer is. It has been awhile since we have seen a movie, and truth be told, I really did not want to cook supper and just stay at home like usual. Their price for a movie is awesome and the pizza is really reasonable too. I have another justification too, if you wanna hear it! We have just gotten over a visit from my sister and her husband and our routines have been severely disrupted. The Runtyun has been spending some time with her aunt and grandmother (from now on to be referred to as Nana) and I missed my time with her. So I decided we needed to see the movie and have fun time together.

Ya’ know the movie was not so bad. I had expected to see a simple thing about a super hero with special effects that were the whole show. There was a plot, though typical for the genre, but it was done well. And the pizza was great!

We sat down and waited for the movie to start while watching the pumped in TV. Cash Cab is a silly trivia program that is not worth watching, even while waiting for a movie to start. Yet the movie and the place are not the real point of this post.

While we were waiting for the movie to start a couple sat down next to us. I paid then little heed and just sort of acknowledged them with a, “Hi” and let it go. They were middle-aged, the guy looked ok and the woman was dark-complexioned with a tan and a pretty smile. She included us in her group by asking what was good, so I suggested a pizza. I asked him if he had been here before and he said no, so I suggested he go to the bar in the main area to order so he could get it done faster. he got up to leave and order, but seemed reluctant to leave his date, she stage-whispered she would be here when he returned. Can any one say radar alert?

While the guy was gone the woman introduced herself and said they were staying at B&B nearby. I said they could not have found a better pizza place then here. She said it was her idea to see a movie. We talked a little while he was gone and I was getting a little uncomfortable with her attention, but my little companion was deeply engrossed in her computer game.

During our conversation I kept thinking about someone from my past and how she would get bored with me and go to other men to talk and give her excitement. She is no longer a part of my life. I think this woman was doing the same with her man and it bothered me, yet I did not want to be rude, so I let it go. The guy came back with her beer and a promise of pizza when it was ready. I was relieved because I hoped she would get back to her man and that my over active imagination and memories would be proven wrong; just an act of an over-active imagination.

She kept including me in her conversation.

Finally, the movie started and I let me get engrossed in it. The Runtyun was having a good time and we were able to make connections with the mythology of Thor and a TV program we watch; Stargate SG-1, and the movie. My kid makes me happy, I just hope we can continue and get her into college later on.

I kept feeling this woman to my right taking too much interest in me, she would comment on my comments to the Runtyun and just plain try to get my attention. Under different conditions I might have been into the game, but tonight was not the time. I have to admit I was interested in her and maybe the conquest, (hers or mine–interesting) but then I started thinking about her man and how I felt under similar circumstances. Finally I was over the temptation, and able to focus on what mattered most—and it was not my ego.

I settled back and enjoyed the movie. I began to see and enjoy the movie and my kid and her reaction to the episodes of the story.

The movie ended and we both had a sigh of relief. Of course, there will be a sequel, but if it is done as well as this one, it will be fun to watch.

Finally I stood up and gathered our things and my Runtyun too. My back was to the mystery woman and I totally ignored her and her man, yet I felt her gaze reaching out to me. From the corner of my eye, I saw her looking at me, but I ignored it.

Now is the time when I feel the need to rationalize my feedings, but I will not. I will say however, that I feel for the guy with her. It was obvious that he was dedicated to her, yet there seemed to be a history of betrayal. Or, maybe it was my past taking a situation and making it more than it really was.

What do you think?



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