4th of July Remembrances

My fondest memories of the 4th of July are of a time and a person long ago. One year we went camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I think we were in the Presidential range close to Mount Washington. The bugs were so bad I let her use my bug net and I rigged a mask out of a ball cap and bandana. We tried to kiss at some point but forget about our bug protection! Imagine trying to eat with these rigs covering our mouths. We must have seen fireworks from at least five communities in the valley below. We held each other all night long watching those fireworks.

Another year we stayed home and enjoyed the Horribles Parade and fireworks after. We went up the hill from the house to the park overlooking the harbor. There were others there and we had a fun time OOOing and Awwing for every new burst. At first we were the only ones doing it, but then there must have been a hundred OOOs and awwws.

After, we went down to the harbor and walked. Enjoying the night sky and our freedom and each other. When we headed home, we walked through the same park and bumped into a couple—ooopppps! I thought they were only one person—in pain!

There were many more fireworks with her, but finally it was time to say good-bye. Of course I have enjoyed many fireworks since then, but none stick out in the same way.

I served in the military a long time ago. I sacrificed time and would have done more if the need arose. So I feel good in saying, “Thank you,” to all of you in the military for defending our country and truly giving more than I can imagine so that I, and my beautiful Runtyun, and every one in our outstanding country, can have a safe and free world to live in.


One Lone Castaway

Does anyone out there have a 4th of July memory they want to share. Just leave a comment.


One response to “4th of July Remembrances

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