6-10-11 End-of-school ride part 3

Well, I lost the first draft of this part of our travel log, so here we go again.

Sunday rolled around and I got up for a shower. After making a pot of coffee, I sat out front and fooled myself that I could get some substantive writing done, yet I enjoyed the moment. I spoke with the lady next door about various things; cars and washing them, bikes and riding with a child, religion and spirituality and other stuff. The guy and his wife riding the Honda Goldwing walked by and we talked bikes for  a minute. Listening to the world wake up, I watched the squirrels and birds doing their daily routine.

Finally a tussle haired ragamuffin stuck her head out the door and my day really began to shine. We had some food and lazed around for a bit. We had a few adventures planned for the day, so the time was getting close for us to leave. After packing and the Runtyuns’ tearful goodbye to the cable TV, we lit up the bike and started another day of exploring.

We found our way to the Emerald City gem mine. Who would have thought that panning through a bunch of rocks in a man-made flume could be so much fun! We had a ball and found some neat gems there, we will polish and display some how. ( I know a birthday present—a rock tumbler—is coming for some lucky person in this house!)

Then we paid way too much to look in an old mine, yet it too was fun and enjoyable. Here are some pics.

Finally we got hungry and left for some place in Little Switzerland for lunch. The food was OK with standard Microbrew beer. The wait staff just left high school and needed more training. All in all I did not enjoy the place, but I don’t want to dwell on the single negative for the whole weekend. We searched a book store a little, I love used book stores, they have so much in them.

It was time to start rolling. There is this place called The Orchard right off the Parkway. It is billed as a country store and apple orchard. They have music and country dancing in the middle of the afternoon. The atmosphere is relaxed and they have games and food samples all over the place. The view is fantastic looking over their apple trees and further out we see the mountains to the east. But most of all they have the most friendly Golden Retriever I have ever met. All he wants to do is make friends with every one. When he has your attention, forget about doing anything but playing fetch! The Runtyun and her new friend had a ball and a stick and anything else she could throw. Finally I tore her away from her furry friend and started out towards home.

At some point she tapped me on the shoulder three times telling me I needed to stop. We found a turn out with some shade and relaxed for a bit. She slept and I wondered. There is something special about a mid day nap and waking with the sun making a smile. She woke and had a blissful smile and said a bug tickled her awake.

The clouds were bunching up to the west side of the ridge, so we got going again. After a bit, the sky began to leak on us. The Runtyun put her jacket on but still looked chilled, so I wrapped her in mine. She was all bundled up and we rode on. The nice thing about a drizzle is I do not have to worry about sleep issues. We rode on and talked a little. As we got lower the sky began to clear and the world warmed. We flowed through the rest of the ride until our drive way was in front of us. After unloading and relaxing a minute, I realized it was supper time and life went on…



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