End-of-school ride part 2

The trip is over and we made it home. It is a couple of days later and I am finally getting a chance to write about the rest of the trip. Truth is I am getting old and need to sleep a lot! We  got home and I was able to get us some supper and then unpack the bike before I collapsed into bed. The Runtyun went to bed with a smile on her face and that was all I needed to see to validate the expense of our trip. She was curled up in bed and breathing the breaths of an innocent child who was contented and happy with life.

I was too tired to write coherently so I went to bed too. Then life got in the way so tonight is the night!, or at least the start of the it! Hahah! Well, the truth is I am sitting in the house with no electricity due to a storm that passed through here earlier. I thought though, I should just go a head and start this thing and see what happens. Someone told me a while ago something like , “If we let things get in our way and use it as an excuse to not succeed then we lose.” So I will write this thing, or at least start it, despite the hardship of God’s capricious whims.

On Saturday, she was asleep for a time after I woke, so I fiddled around the web and drank some coffee. It was so nice to have a cup and not feel the need to rush through it to get to the next thing on the list. Oh the rich taste of good coffee filling my mouth while I savor the beginning of a new day.

Finally the Runtyun rolled out of bed and gave me her bright smile and I knew the day was going to be special. We ate some food and talked about what we wanted to do. Finally we headed North having decided to look at the Linville Viaduct, then we would go to Linville Falls and swim a little.

The viaduct was for me and the falls were for you know who. At any rate, we stopped at a tourist trap and looked around, the Runtyun found a grab bag and decided she needed it more than anything else in her life.— it had some manufactured arrow tips and other eye candy… she was ecstatic.

The road was calling and we both heard it, but the mineral museum needed us to stop and have a look. This is the kind of place that one needs to spend some time at to really appreciate. We buzzed through and got the quickie look.

We made it to the tourist area/rest stop for the Viaduct. No great shakes and to cashier was less than enthusiastic. I bet those people must get hundreds of people passing through asking the same questions— must get a little boring.

We mounted again and went to a picnic area north of there and ate lunch. Nice place. we’ll have to go back and spend some time there the next time we go camping. after lunch we started back south. We made it back to the Linville Viaduct and walked up the trail a bit. Here are some pics:

The mountains we live in are so incredible to see. The adaptability of the plants to survive is inspiring.

About that time I began to see the sky was getting ready to unleash some rain, so we mounted again to get away from the rain. This was supposed to be a nice day and we did not bring our jackets, we just had the vests. The Runtyun is great in her leather vest!

The rain caught us anyhow. There was an overpass just up ahead and some other guys were looking at the sky warily, so we stopped. As the time passed, a couple more road warriors pulled up with their trailers and radios blaring. We all talked a bit waiting for the rain to stop. Gotta love motorcycles and how they bring strangers together! One of these guys had a rig for his iPod so he could make music. It velcro-ed to his tank bra and the speakers attached to his windshield. I think I will have to look into that!

Finally the rain slowed and we got going again. It was too cold to go swimming at Linville falls, so we headed to the room. The TV was calling someone. This was a short vacation so I felt it was ok to indulge in some TV time seeing as how we don’t have one at home.

It got to be time to get some supper so we found a pizza place in Spruce Pine. OMG! Their Pesto pizza was incredible. Their home-brewed beer was pretty good too, I could have stayed there and enjoyed many more, but the Runtyun was itching to move and get some calories burned.

Earlier in the day there must have been a vintage car show, because we saw some beautiful cars parked nearby– no bikes though. I did see one of those reverse trikes that are all the rage. It was a Can-am with a rotex engine. I could not see any of the moving parts, but it was nicely crafted and had a big belly trunk large enough to hold two full-sized helmets. When the thing started I could barely hear the engine. As the guy was maneuvering a curve it did not lean either. Maybe it is just me, but if I have to wear a helmet to ride I want to experience all the other things two-wheeled travel has to offer.

We had a fun day. Maybe we did not get all we wanted done, but we met some nice people and saw some incredible things. And we ate well too!

I’ll get some pics up here soon, but I need to find time to do so. I told my boss I needed more work and guess what— I got it! Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to work on the blog. And when I get home my brain is even mushier than normal.


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