My Trail for for a new phone part 4

Back in late October and early November I was looking at getting a new phone. The chronicles of it were some of the first articles I wrote for the blog and the only series that I have pursued, unless you count my riding rants. In My Trial for a New Phone or My New Phone Trial Period Part 3, I finished the  chronicle my journey for a new phone. I set certain criteria for the phone and, if you want you can have a look at what I wanted in my new phone. It was a three-part series culminating in the article above.

Well, I have used the phone for the last 7 and a half months and am really happy with my Evo 4G from Sprint. I have learned how to use it and really like the features it offers. However, my support guy no longer works at the local Sprint store and I wondered how to get a hold of him. For the most part though, the phone worked fine and I did not need his help for anything.

As all electronic things do though, this one started to work in a funny way. Well maybe it had to do with the fall it took one day. At any rate, the screen acted in a quirky way. I realized I needed to find Mario, my tech guy from the Sprint store. After a little sweat I located him at the RadioShack in Hendersonville. I found my way to the his store and he did the things that I needed, then I could take the phone back to my Sprint store and used the warranty to replace it. I love the warranty with Sprint; just bring it back and they replace it.

The only obstacle I encountered was having to wait for the phone to be delivered from out-of-town. I would have to use the phone that was broken for some time. At least the bluetooth dialing worked, so I could limp along with it. This was a hassle, but I managed.

Well, now it was time to go back out to Mario and get the thing ready for my use. After a small blip in putting the software in the new phone I am able to use it the way I want to. I am beginning to get the old apps back and set the thing up as it was before.  Android phones are so cool, there is every thing out there that anyone could want to use on a mini computer. I have limited my downloads to only one game at a time, cause I could spend all my time just playing games!

Mario, the tech guy that I have connected with is really helpful. Through out the whole time of deciding on the phone and then when I needed his help with the broken one, he knew what to do and did what was necessary to get the thing fixed. He did this while taking care of his customers at the RadioShack!

Is there a moral here? I’ll let you, the reader, figure that out. Me? I’m just happy with the phone I have and the tech guy I met. BTW he does this kind of thing as a side thing, so if you need a good tech guy for computer and phone work–I have a suggestion!




2 responses to “My Trail for for a new phone part 4

  1. ah the world of telecommunications technology. Glad you found a device you like. Now let’s get a provider that we can hear through.

    • oH Martha that would make life too easy! Truth is we live on the edge of the signal bubble and when a storm goes by, and the effect of the solar flare too, we get really hairy reception!
      Nice talkin’ with ya’

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