The road was open and I had no work

I played hooky today. It is Memorial Day and there was no work to do, except of course all the paper work that I have been putting off. The sun was out and making the world hot and sticky. The little one was at school making up for one of the many snow days she had off.  ( A side note here, it seems ironic that they would have a snow make-up day on one of the hottest days of the year so far.) There was the possibility that I might get a few deliveries, so I wanted to be available for it. That lasted until 9:30.

I finally gave into the need for a ride and made my way, almost dream like, to the bike. I called a friend to see if he was up for a ride. O well, so much for impromptu ideas. I put on my riding uniform; jeans, T-shirt and vest and lit that bad boy up.  There is a BBQ house in Highlands, NC that I wanted to check out, so that was my goal. I am gonna write a review of it in another post.

I just let my mind wander with the currents of the ether and road in front of me. The bike was flawless, as usual. The road started out smooth and cool. Stopping in Brevard, I looked at the one place I like, it is a consignment store which sells some good riding leathers and other gear. His prices are good and the merchandise looks like top quality. Unfortunately, there was nothing that called to me, so I mounted again bound for Cashiers and then Highlands.

The road was unremarkable, yet outstanding in its beauty. These roads lead to so many beautiful places. Sometimes I drive them and forget the allure of this magical place I call home. People from all over the world come here to see the place that I live and take for granted.

When I tell people I see on the road that I live here, I see envy and hear how much they wish they could live here too. Like most humans I take for granted the things I live with. I ride and drive these mountain roads  daily and it is a constant struggle to remember just how lucky I am to live here.

Once again, I did not really test the bike or road, I just rode my pace. I was lucky, for the most part I had no cars to impede my progress. There were a few cars out there of course, but they were easy, or just got off the road after a moment. Most of the ride I had the chin guard up and I could smell and feel the world around me. The wind pushed me back into my saddle filling my nose with the smells of honeysuckle and other mountain fragrances. My nose flared with happiness.

I finally got to the BBQ House and had some fine food and a couple of really satisfying beers to wash it down.

I talked with some guys and told them of a really fun road. Then a couple of cute girls came along and we talked a minute. One of their boyfriends got a little jealous, or insecure, not sure which. They left. I paid up and started home.

The ride back was just as good. The purr of the engine filled my ears, while the rumble of the engine relaxed my back.

When I left home earlier I put the Runtyun’s helmet on the bike so I was able to go and get her. She came to me and I got a huge hug. My day was complete!

It is rides like todays that help me to remember just how lucky I am.


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