The First Ride, its Been a Long Cold Winter.

Well, we got the bike on the road on Sunday. It was good to hear the roar of the engine and feel the power it generates. Last year around the end of the season one of the turning signals got busted. It was an unfortunate accident with a backing car and a blind spot. At any rate, I finally replaced it last weekend and everything worked fine. On Saturday I just felt like relaxing and stayed at home, however on Sunday the sun was out and the road was calling.

So I rolled the Runtyun out of bed stuffed some food in her throat and off we went. It was a relatively short ride, just up to Dupont State Forest and back, just under 60 miles. I took a detour around a road I knew was kinda twisty and felt the Runtyun flying in back. I have been having premonitions of an accident lately, so I rode a little more cautiously than usual. We did not slide into turns, or spin out of them either, but the road still felt good under the tires.

Lots of other bikes were on the road this perfect riding day, we saw every type of bike out there, even some guys from South Carolina with no helmets on. The last few miles to Dupont were the nicest with no cars to speak of and lots of long smooth curves and a few sharp ones to wake us both up. As usual the bike was flawless, no missed shifts, the tires held the road like glue, and the engine pulsed with power.

Dupont State Forest is a little known place, I think the locals go there and there are a number of horse trails(equestrian) for those that have them. I think there is also a facility for those that don’t; I read someplace that there are organized trial rides. We walked a short distance to Hooker Falls. Last summer the Runtyun visited the forest with her camp group, so she was excited about going back. There were many people there, some were swimming and others, like us just exploring. We climbed around the rocks that make the waterfalls a little and stuck our feet in the water—it’s COLD this time of the year!

We went across the street and walked up the trail towards Triple Falls a bit. My legs have gotten weak and need to be strengthened, so walking the trail was a good way to start a workout regimen. Eventually the sky started clouding over and the wind was picking up, so it was time to head on home. Neither one of us really wanted to leave, the feel of the place was so tranquil and removed from the daily routine it was hard to go. The rain was coming though and there was an ice cream stand waiting for us. The ride back was uneventful, yet I could feel the big v-twin messaging the muscles of my back.

I think next week we’ll have to take our bathing suits and try out the water.



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