An Empty Glass

How did it get empty. Is it clean or has some one used it and not washed the residue from it?

The night before the glass was full of life and full of sparkling wine. There was red lipstick on the rim and fingers nails painted the same shade of red held the glass to her lips. So many times the woman sipped her glass and so many times did she refill it.

She would put it down and gesture with her hands, smiling all the while. The wine in her glass reflected her happy smile, her eyes flashing with delight.

Finally though, she put her glass down, empty, and stood up. Then she took the hand of her companion and left her empty glass. A waiter came along and took the glass to the kitchen and the dish washer washed the empty glass. But when the cycle of washing was over, there was still a faint remembrance of her lipstick on the empty glass and her happy mood was not completely washed away.


I have done something a little different with this post. There is no political comment, or social rant. I just felt like trying an ultra short story.

Please let me know what you think, should I do this some more? If I do continue the story should it go on with the glass, or follow the woman? Or maybe it is an intro for the story of how the dishwasher got to where he is.

Thanks for reading this and leave a comment. O yeah, have a look at some of my other posts too!



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