What About Them Thar EEElectronix?

Finally, another post after such a long absence.

Some times I feel like I am spinning my wheels and making a lot of smoke, yet still  getting nowhere. Truth is I feel like this most of the time. I have so many things that I want to do and so little time to do them. Time. What an incredibly important commodity, yet we waste sooo much of it, and it never gets recycled.

But time is not what I wanted to write about in this post. I guess it is time however, for one of my, o-so-deep, stories that seem to go know-where, yet are so meaningful to me. (The reader should smile and snort a little here. 🙂 )

As those who have endured my writings before, all two of you, you may know I am a courier who delivers stuff all day — all over Western North Carolina. It is a good job and keeps me going. (Now if only the price of gas would go down…) Most of the time I drive as an independent contractor, in a truck that I lease from the guy who owns the business I deliver for. Sometimes though, I will be assigned a truck that is larger for a day. These days are a nice change of pace and can be a challenge. Usually I will go to a new area and deal with different people. It is always nice to have a change. Today was one of those days when I was in a different truck.

As a driver, I have collected a couple of electronic devices that make finding locations easier. I have a GPS, of course. It is accurate most of the time, and rarely sends me to a bad destination. I also have a smartphone, (yep, its an Android) with all the bells and whistles; mapping software, search engine to help find people and their phone numbers and some games for the rare instance when I can play them. I justified the expense of the phone because  I thought I would be able to actually write stuff and make it usable for this blog or some place else, school perhaps or a book that is wondering around my brain. Of course I have a couple of paper maps of the area and a phonebook — but who uses that stuff anymore? (so dinosaur!)

Back to the story though. So I picked up the truck at and settled in. I pulled my delivery board out and set it on the bench so I could refer to it easily, fixed the mirrors and found my NPR radio station. Finally I pulled out my electronic toys and pasted them to the windshield — so like a Heads-up display! — and looked for the cigarette lighter (the umbilical cord for these things.)

Only one here, well ok, I can deal with that. I’ll just rotate the two devices giving priority to the energy sucking tether to the world: the phone. Well I plugged in the adapter to the cigarette lighter — NO POWER! Nothing coming from the jack.

This is not such a great way to start the day. Well, to get over the details that would bore even my most avid fan, I made it through the day with only few hiccups and no real issues with the toys I feel I need to do my job. I had maps and good directions for all of my duties, but I began to wonder about my dependance on all things electronic.

As I just said, all of my deliveries went well, but my whole attitude was off, I was so worried about loosing my electronic connection and so preoccupied by the possibility that I suffered from something akin to withdrawal.  I was so moody, and withdrawn, and to a certain degree lethargic. I just plain wanted my electronics and then everything would be OK.

Anyone ever have a hangover and known that another beer, or whatever, would make everything OK? Well, that was how I felt all day long: if only I could get some of my Unobtainium, then everything would be OK.

So I have been asking myself what would it be like if I did  not have all of electronic distractions: my smartphone, GPS, computers, TVs, games consoles (I delude myself that it is the Runtyns’), even the microwaves and various tools we use to clean our home environments, dish washers, washer & dryer, roombas, even our radios and thermostats and lights throughout the house!

Ok so let’s take for granted that we will have electricity and lighting, but what would happen if we lost our toys, or the things that make life easier, the new necessities in life: The gadgets.This question, I expect, has been asked throughout time as man’s inventions have evolved  and become essential to the quality of life. Are we more dependent than before on the widgets that make our lives easier, or does the moment merely seem more  vital than ever before? What do you think, let us know with a comment.

O by the way, I made  it through the day ok. And my lack of electronic toys motivated me to get back on the web and write this post!



One response to “What About Them Thar EEElectronix?

  1. This same thought has crossed the minds of many, myself included. We need to remember that we have other means of doing things old school though they may be they still work. I liked what you had to say.

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