What is with the price of Gas?

I understand why we went into Iraq so many years ago. WMDs were all the rage and we fell for that one hook line and sinker. We were told that Saddam Hussein was the great evil in our world and it was our responsibility to finish the job. And we had decided that Bin Laden had something to do with Iraq, so we needed to go there, forget about the solid leads we had about Afghanistan and the mountains.

There are other reasons, I feel, we went into Iraq. The first being revenge for the assignation attempts against George senior. (That is a discussion for another time though), and to take control of the oil industry in Iraq. Well, it looks like that control has proven fruitful. Look at the record profits enjoyed by the major oil companies.

I am not saying that large corporations should not make profits; after all we live in a society that is controlled by buying and selling; I just want to make enough to feed my kid and live comfortable too! There is no reason for the price of fuel being where it is. $3.00 plus a gallon is outrageous. Even with the spill in the Gulf and the unrest in Egypt the price of gas should not be so high. The oil companies would still be making more than my imagination can handle.

Now, I know that it may be hard to believe, but I have a day job, what with this blog and my stellar writing skills. I drive a truck and do deliveries. For this I get a percentage of the monies charged. I have to maintain the truck and get insurance and so forth. I also have to pay for the gas that my truck uses. When I started, almost two years ago, the price of gas was below $2.00 a gallon. Can someone out there remind me what the inflation rate was during that period?

So I started think a little, what can I do about my personal situation? Not much really, I am as addicted to gas for my livelihood, as a crack addict is to their pipe. Like the addict, I am always looking for a cheaper source for my poison. Unlike most addicts, though, I range around quite I bit. My deliveries have me going to many places in a day. I look at the price of gas at every gas station I pass looking for the best deal. It works, a little. I find places that have the lowest price and use them. Usually, Sam’s Club is the best price here, but there are times when they are not’ so it becomes a game of price shopping; how long can I go without filling the tank?

I really don’t like doing that, playing when to buy the next tank of gas. Eureka! I have a smart-phone! So I went to the android market and searched for an app that would show the price of gas in my area. WWW.GasBubby.com! I know it may look like I am advertising for this app, but I am advertising for the idea. All of the apps I looked at had some kind of map of the region, defined by the user, with the price of gas at each pinpoint. I can figure which gas station has the best price and then I decide if the trip out to it is worth the time and gas spent for the savings.

This blog entry is a really a rallying call. If we start to really shop for the best price of gas, then I hope, we can send a message that gas is like any other commodity and by using tools to help us find the best price for it we can control the price, or at least influence the price a little.

Right now I am not influencing the price of gas by this app, but the average price per gallon is around $3.05 . With Gasbuddy I found a station that charges $2.99.

So I want all of my readers to look up some kind shopping app for your smart-phone or computer to get the best price on gas. Maybe if we all start using common buying techniques we can force big oil to lower their price.

What do ya’ think?



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