Tax Cuts? What’s the Problem?

Another squirrel has jumped across my keyboard. (re: an earlier post. Yep, go back and read some of my wisdom! 🙂 ) Yep my ADD has broken through again, and this time its name is politics and the ridiculous obstructionist politicking that is going on in our Country’s Capital. I am an independent who believes in the duty of helping out the less fortunate. Yes, I have Progressive tendencies. I also believe we should not have to be told to help out our lesser fortunate population. But when oil companies and other large corporations are making record profits in a time when almost 10% of the total work force, (12 to 15% in some regions) are unemployed, and not likely to get a job that can support them any time soon and nothing is being done to make jobs for them — the government needs to step in.

We all know about the situation going on in Washington. Now here is my take on it. Republicans have been the biggest cock on the block for so long they have gotten used to getting their way. Democrats have been walking around with their tails between their legs afraid of offending the big playground bully. “O maybe they will get mad at me and shove my head down the toilet again. Of course we have the majority, but they are soo big!”

And also (Maybe Sarah Palin said that at one time)…

This is the way I see our two main political parties. (Parties, now that is rich! More like a wake, if you ask me) the democrats, to varying degrees are for the “common man,” whoever that is. They are supposed to look after the interests of the every day, ordinary guy, or gal. They have a social bend, (do NOT confuse that with socialism). We hope they get legislation protecting the needs of those less fortunate than others; healthcare, education, gay rights, alternative energy, even controlling how large communication companies control our access to the internet. Republicans, however seem to look out for those who have a better financial profile. This whole tax credit thing comes to mind. Also, legislation controlling the actions of big business and their social accountability seem to be their main concern.

Both sides of the aisle, as they say, are important. To put it another way, the worker or common man needs to be represented and even safeguarded from the purely profit-making engines that make up big business. While the interests of the corporate world need to be protected. After all it is the innovations created by these corporations that drive the economy we live in. I love my computer and truck and motorcycle, all of which are made by multinational corporations. Unfortunately, the workers who put these thing together are the victims of their masters and can barely afford the things they manufacture.

Yet this whole Bush error tax cut problem has been misconstrued and packaged in such a way that we just don’t know what to believe any more. Some will say just listen to your fav politico and blindly follow what they say to think. BUNK! We are educated people in the most important nation in the world AND we live in a democracy. That means we have a responsibility to LEARN what the issues are and make informed decisions and tell our elected representatives what we WANT THEM TO DO. Not be told what we want and follow blindly the agenda they offer.

So why is it that we are letting the conservative agenda rule what we think. They seem to be in control of our future. The truth is, they have not been entirely forthcoming in the debate on the Bush-era tax cuts. We are not reminded that these cuts where enacted to increase business in our great country (which failed—since the tax cuts were brought into law the unemployment rate has slowly climbed since the earliest part of the century). We are only now learning that there are two parts to this failed legislation. The first being a tax cut for those who do not personally earn $250,000 a year (this does not include business earnings). The second part of the legislation is for those who earn more than $250,000. In other words, we can break up the law so that those who earn less than $250,000 will still have the current tax rate, while those earning more will be taxed at the pre-Bush error rate.

It is my opinion that the republicans want to keep the tax cut, or failed experiment, to generate business for the big (campaign donating) corporations so they can keep making record profits without paying taxes. While packaging it to look like everyone will suffer if the tax cuts are repealed. While democrats want to keep tax cuts for those who make less than $250,000, while forcing big business to pay a mere 4% more than last year.

President Obama, please be the man, politician, President, we thought we were getting. Make the changes we need! Don’t get bullied by the school yard bully. Grow a set and use your powers as President of this great country and find a way to push the legislation through. We do not need a wishy-washy President. We need a leader. I believe that is the lesson to be learned from the “shellacking” you took in the last election.

I am a common man, I may not speak for all, but this is my opinion.



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