Another Ride

Went for a ride today.

I needed to go to Highlands today, but the little one did not want to go and she had choir. This is the beginning of the busy season for the church. So we made our way to church and I endured the rituals that make so many people feel secure. And I got to hear my kid sing with the voice of an angel. I may have issues with Christianity in general, but the things that organized religion has done, and is doing for some, are very good for this flawed world we live in. One of those beautiful things is the choir that my daughter is a member of. The choir master has done an incredible job with taking just a few kids and finding music in their untrained voices.

When the service was over we went to the community breakfast and I left more than I was asked as a donation. Finally we had our fill and I dropped the Runtyun off and mounted my mechanical steed.

Riding that beast has always been a way to sooth my ragged nerves. Maybe it is because it vibrates so much thus turning my muscles into a relaxed mix of proteins and sinews.   Or maybe the need for survival takes over and pushes everything not important to staying balanced on a 500 pound bicycle going in excess of 80 MPH, is a cleansing way to relax. It could be the fun of driving the curvy roads and excitement of gauging the perfect curve and feeling power at  my finger tips. Maybe the views I see and the way the clouds hug the mountains after a rain shower helps me to find Shangri-la. Whatever the reason, I know that I am happiest when I am on that piece of Milwaukee Iron. There is no better feeling in my life. Well, maybe if I had someone to enjoy those moments with and hold me tight while we go through those fun, tight and fast curves with…maybe

The ride went well and I felt rejuvenated and ready to go and do it again. Ah, but the duties and pleasures of being a daddy were calling me again. So I went and got my angel voiced Runtyun. We spent the rest of the day doing stuff together. She was laughing and my joy was compounded by hers. We got a fire going in the wood stove and had slow cooked beef stew for supper and got a little more settled in our new place.



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