My Trial for a New Phone or My New Phone Trial Period Pt 3

I don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to try the G2 from T-Mobile. I had time left on the EVO to play around a little and still found some the deficiencies enough to try something a little different. The ad I heard on Sunday made the G2 sound interesting so I decided to make my life a little more complicated with an additional phone.

The G2 feels solid and works fine. I tried it while driving and when I figured out how to open the phone to all attainable broadcast antennas the reception was almost as good as the EVO. When I got home that night I looked around the ‘net to figure how to tether it to my computers. Finally I called tech support and asked how to get the phone into Hotspot mode. They said that it did not do that. Imagine my surprise—especially when I asked the sales rep if it did!

I found an app that allowed me to tether the phone with a USB cable. This is not what I wanted, but felt I needed to give it a shot. Well, my unscientific, but real world test showed no real difference between the two phones. (If you want I can explain what I did, but I really don’t feel it is needed for this post. Remember, I want feedback from all of you readers!).

My impression is that between the two phones they both offer the same data performance, but my rooted EVO has better phone performance.

So I had basically decided to keep the EVO and take back the G2 and be done with it when my tech guy with the EVO told me about a new update that might clear up some of the signals and get me a more powerful data signal thus getting the internet better. I downloaded it to the EVO and went through all of the stuff one needs to do to make a new kernel work. The phone did not seem to work any differently than before while I used it at work during the day. “Okay,” I thought, “maybe there is a difference inside of the guts of the thing and it will work a little better in the long run.”

No such luck. I got home and tried to get the internet through the phone and failed. I saw the 3G icon in the title bar when it was not tethered as a WiFi hotspot, but when all was connected—I got nothing. My blood pressure and frustration level went through the scales and I did not know what to do. On the spot, I decided to get rid of the EVO and use the G2 instead. However, I am trying to loose the impulsive nature of my personality and I sat on that decision for a moment.

Finally a (dim) light lit up in my cavernous brain—the next day— and I figured maybe the update had something to do with the lack of internet reception. I uninstalled the update, (And that is an interesting event too) and woot-woot!, it worked! I have access again!

EVO I love you! G2 you are great, your QWERTY keyboard is very seductive, but the size of the screen on the EVO outweighs that feature. The price per month is about the same and the support I get with my tech guy is incredible.

The Youngin’ and I have had an incredible mouth. We have left the security of the home we have had for five years and moved into a beautiful place. I have gone through a very difficult time with the phone (most of which I have caused with my eccentric needs (listed in Pt 2)). Now, we can go on to more adventures that will show us the potential we can realize for the future.


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