My Trial for a New Phone or My New Phone Trial Period Pt. 2

Well, we are in the process of moving this weekend and I will finally get the opportunity to check the abilities of the EVO in the new house.

I managed to make one load to the new place without trying the phone out with my laptop. This, of course is an incredible feat for me; anyone who knows me knows that when I obsess on something the rest of the world just needs to wait its turn. LoL! (hah! LOL is the clock that I use on the phone!)

On the second trip, I packed my laptop and all of the attending peripherals. This was a heavy load what with the mattresses and bed frames and such, but I managed to fit the electronics on board with me. Actually all I needed was the phone and laptop—no wires or other bulky stuff—talk about light wait! Now I can go to the top of a mountain with only two pieces of equipment and connect to the world! I love this stuff!

So I guess I am going to keep this phone. But I gotta tell ya’ it has been a bit of an ordeal to get here. The truth is if the tech guy from the Sprint store had not been as helpful as he was, I would be using another carrier.

I can get Android phones from any number of carriers. Even the EVO is available from Version. Having said that, I have never had a store tech guy as helpful or as knowledgeable as with this guy. Not only did he set me up with the best phone for me ( and it was not even the most expensive), but he modified it to meet my needs. Not only did he show me how to use the features on the phone, but he showed where to get the knowledge to do more.

I spent a whole bunch if time and energy trying to figure out which phone would be best for me. Was it worth it? Time will tell. Would I do it again? Yes, I think I would. The advantages I get with this little piece of equipment are incredible.

Here is a list of some of the things this phone, or any smart phone using the latest technology has to offer.

1.       A decent telephone that allows hands free talking and dialing. This is great for me because I am driving all day long and need to talk to my dispatcher for work. I like to keep both hands on the wheel all of the time, and I don’t like cradling the phone. Dropping it makes me want to reach down and take my eyes off the road to retrieve it. Also with bluetooth technology I can use the phone and many of the features too, while I am on the bike.

2.       The phone comes with a GPS locator and software to search for and direct me to specific addresses. This is great for deliveries to places that I am not familiar with and often times it is more accurate than my dedicated GPS from Garmin.

3.       I can access the Internet from the phone from any place that I get a signal so I can update my facebook and check email. And, when I down loaded the Yahoo for Android I know when someone has sent me an email. This is nice, but I still have not figured out how to filter out spam…workin’ on that one :-).

4.       And I can tether my computers to the phone and use the internet through it. This is so cool. This means that everything on the Internet is open to me at hone and all I have to pay is ONE phone bill.

So there it is, after a lot of trial and frustration I think the EVO is the best phone for me and the service I am getting is really worth the hassle I have gone through.

Now I can get settled into the new place!



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