My Trial for a New Phone or My New Phone Trial Period Pt. 1

So, back on the Ninth of October, I decided to get a new phone. I wanted to like the HTC Windows Phone I had with US Cellular, but it sucked. I wondered into the Sprint PCS store just to have a look at what they had. To make a long story a little shorter I got an EVO 4G, by HTC. It is an Android phone and I sure do like it. The dude, Mario, said he could set it up so I could tether it to my computers and use it for a hot spot. Well, needless to say the wannabe geek started to salivate at that thought. And all of those apps!

My daughter and I are moving and I have decided we do not need TV to start with and of course cable is the easiest way to get the internet. Nor are we going to have a telephone landline, which of course is another way to get onto the web and points ether. One of the services offered on smart phones is, tendering; a way to use the connection on the phone as a modem, or Wi-Fi hotspot. And in theory at least, we would be able to use the Web as our digital entertainment. The Runtyun will look for and learn how to find TV services, such as Hulu, on the web, with my close supervision, and I will be able to do my research and writing for the blog and general education with the connection provided by the phone. This way I will only have one bill; the Sprint bill and no cable/internet, or phone line bill to pay. I like the idea of saving money!

So, the EVO is a HUGE piece of equipment, the visible screen is 4.3 inches, yet it is pretty light and thin. It fits into my pocket pretty nicely and does not weigh a ton like some of the phones I have been using. I was a little concerned about using Sprint due to their coverage in Western North Carolina is not so hot, but I was assured there were a work-arounds.

I took the phone out of the store and waited for it to get working. I had some vaccines to deliver that day so I was juggling the two phones until I figured out that the EVO was ready to go. At least I thought it was ready. It kept cycling on and off and I needed to take it back and get a new one. The guys at Sprint gave me another one with no questions. So Sunday comes along and I’m playing…I mean trying to figure out how to work the thing. I’m downloading and installing apps like a pro and just plain smiling at myself for getting this toy…I mean phone. I started a file for writing and modified the screens and did a lot of cool stuff.

Monday rolls around and begins the real test of the phone. It fails miserably. I cannot get out of town with a phone signal, but I can get a 3G signal, so I decided to have a look at the VoIP options. I found one called Fring. It is at They offer a penny a minute and even I was able to set it up rather easily. Fring was able to find all of my contacts on the phone and import them into its specific contacts list and once I figured out that I needed to put a 1 and area code in front of the phone numbers, (sample, 18281239876) I was able to make outgoing calls. Cool!

So Tuesday starts and I am ready to try my new toy…ahh technology out on the job again. I was able to make a few calls but the 3G connection was limited and still did not meet my flimsy standard. As long as I stayed in one place and did not move while I was in the network, I was able to make calls. At no time will I be able to receive calls from any one not associated with Fring, though.

These are all restrictions I can work with and around. The phone is so cool! I am willing to put up with a lot to keep it. Also, I felt the resources’ of the Sprint store were significant. The tech, Mario, seemed to know what he was talking about and I was almost able to keep up with everything he was trying to teach me. The truth is, the support that I am getting through the store, is better than any I have received from any other wireless provider and a strong motivator to stay with them. However, the thought that I would not have to use work-arounds still kept rumbling around the cavernous depths of my thinking. US Cellular worked just fine everywhere I go and they are coming out with their new Android phone.



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