The Ride

One night, earlier this summer, I went for a ride with a very special woman. We were going to a party close to Noplace, in Madison County—an incredible place of beauty in the middle of a mountain cove.  It was a party for a lady who had come back from a trip swimming with wild dolphins.

I picked Sheila up at her house and we roared down the driveway. She would tap me on the left shoulder to turn left… We navigated the main roads to smaller and more twisty and curvy roads. Now, anyone who has read anything by me knows that I love to test my skills and the corners. We rode down this road roaring and sliding and Sheila was singing and laughing to the glory of the world. There were twists and unexpected turns, we had straights to test my shifting skills and the stars were out—the moon would rise later.

Finally, the light on the front of the bike guided us to the field were the party was. There was a fire and lots of people. We talked and drank beer and ate wonderful food. I spoke about my desire to swim with dolphins and heard stories to power my imagination. Sheila rekindled old friendships and spoke of the moonrise. The magic was in the air.

Reluctantly, the clock rolled around and it was time to go. We trudged down to the bike and rolled it out to the road to fire it up. It too, was reluctant to go. Finally we rumbled out of there. I was tired and feeling a little less adventurous, so we went slowly down those roads of wonder. I felt her flying in back of me, sometimes her voice would rise above the rumble of the engine. Sheila would lean into me and hold me tight. She is so tall that she can rest her chin on my shoulder. I looked into her eyes. Her smile filled the empty hole where my heart used to be.

I could feel her against me, I could feel her hands around me. I could feel her smile and contentment.

I felt the same.

One Lone Castaway


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