We Went For a Ride Today

Fall is here and the leaves are beginning to change. The air is clean and the call is there. The past week was long and I was tired. My daughter missed her daddy– the truth is I missed her too. During the flu season I carry vaccinations to various clinics and unfortunately most of those deliveries are done after supper–  time for daddy-daughter time. As a consequence we did not spend any real-time together this week. So we made plans to do stuff on the weekend.

We hopped on the bike and headed out to Brevard. Stopping at a hardware store because I needed to get a concrete epoxy for the porch, I saw they were closed. I wonder what the purpose of having a hardware store is if it is closes early on a Saturday– the day when most people can actually get out and buy the stuff to do projects at home. I guess I can see why the big box hardware stores can take over a local market. I rather do business with a local merchant than an impersonal megastore that really does not care for anything but the money I spend. But that is an essay for another day.

We made it down to the local toy store and I lost my little one for a bit. There is a really nice place that has motorcycle stuff—jackets, gloves and the like. This gear is used but in great shape, and like most shops of its sort one needs to go and see what they have every once in a while. An example of his gloves: slightly used HELD gloves for $75.00 bucks!

We finally got out of there and headed to Lake Toxaway. Rosman highway is one of the most traveled roads around, it goes to Cashiers and Highlands and other mountain communities. It has turn outs for waterfalls and trails and lots of twists and turns. The Stimulus Package has really been a wonderful thing for redoing the roads in the area. They are smooth and canted just right. At the end of a particularly sharp and challenging series twists and turns is the dam that makes Lake Toxaway. I pass it, in my duties as a courier a couple of times a week, but never get a chance to look at and appreciate its beauty. The rock face is magnificent to look at and I could barely see the figures down there exploring and slipping around the face. If you ever have a chance to explore the beauty of this place—take it. Get off the bike or out of the car and spend a really fun and challenging few minutes to appreciate beauty that we take for granted.

My muse got the bug to explore a little and there was this rock that just needed to be climbed. –A short and steep one.– She asked me to help her get started, I told her if she wanted to do it, she needed to figure out how on her own. She did it! —On her own. She got stuck once or twice, but with a little prodding she did it. Her muscles were twitching and it took a minute to calm down after, but she did it!

We got a snack at a coffee shop around the corner, don’t get their smoothies, but the chocolate croissant was homemade and terrific. It was time to come back, but we didn’t want to go straight home, so I turned off Rt. 64 at 281 and proceeded to get lost in the rats nest of roads leading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Now, anyone who appreciates a twisty road knows the Blue Ridge Parkway is among the nicest and most beautiful roads around. But what most people I talk with do not understand it is the roads going up to the Parkway which are the real fun. My little pillion and I scraped toes around tight turns, laughed with excitement and generally smiled our way up to the top of Rt. 215.

I understand there will be those reading this who will get a little bent out of shape, but here goes. The Stimulus Package that our current Administration has forced down the throats of the citizenry of this country is doing some good. I know the percentage of people being hired to rebuild our infrastructure is small compared to the total of those unemployed, but at least some are getting work and in the process our, o so vital, road system is benefitting and so are those who ride them.

Once we got around the road painting guys, the road opened up for us. It is such a pleasure to ride that road, freshly paved and smooth, the hairpin twists and turns were fantastic! She was screaming, “Faster,” and I just floated my Sportster around each turn in the road. We scraped foot pegs and spun out of twists. The engine roared and the speedometer went crazy. The straights were too short, yet so fast! The bike and I became one and my rider was glued to the seat screaming happiness. When we got to the top, I needed to uncoil a bit and she said, “Let’s do it again!”

We rode out to Graveyard Fields and walked around there. Then we stopped at Mount Pisgah Inn. There are always lots of bikes there. She needed to have a little candy for energy. I talked with a Beamer guy with lots of travel stickers from other countries on his saddle bags. Maybe someday I’ll be able to go to other countries and write of my experiences there—we all have dreams.

We finished our ride at home and I cooked some game hens on the grill and enjoyed a bottle of wine I got from a nice little wine shop in Lake Toxaway. The brie cheese and horseradish crackers were way spicy.

That is my entry for the ride we experienced with a little political commentary added in. If you have comments or anything please let me know what you think.




One response to “We Went For a Ride Today

  1. Just read this and it sounded like great fun. I have been down that pkwy. and agree it has it’s own beauty. As for the political view-well it is after all a place to rant so y not. Nice work!

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