Make a Stand

It has been a while since I have gotten here for a new posting. The list of issues that I want to write about is still growing. I have no problem finding subjects to write about. However, finding the time to actually do the writing— this is the issue.

OK, so I saw the My Space of Lady Gaga trying to get her representative to vote her way on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell legislation. Truth is I don’t know how I feel about gay marriage or the issue of the LBG community taking the responsibility of helping a child to become an adult. Having said that I do think it is not important whether or not a member of the military likes girls or boys. In the words of a great politician, “I don’t care if a soldier is straight or not, as long as he can shoot straight.” Actually Barry Goldwater said, in a 1993 interview, “You don’t need to be `straight’ to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.” I thought Mr. Goldwater a conservative Republican? actually he was the mouth piece for the party, I think.

At any rate, back to Lady Gaga: here is another truth about me; I really don’t care for her. Her videos are really strange and a little too provocative for this single dad. My daughter thinks she is weird too, so for now at least, I don’t have to explain them—this is good for me. Lady Gaga does have a nice voice, even though her choice of songs are…not my taste, and if you remove all the make up and funny costumes, she is very pretty. She is a phenom among pop music listeners. So, I guess, her look works for her and those who enjoy her entertainment.

What Lady Gaga does have, and I really appreciate this, is a huge and devoted fan base. She could stop making music and live comfortably off of her royalties. Wouldn’t that be nice? Oh to daydream about  the things one could do with that kind of free time…but back to the subject at hand: she  made a public plea against the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell legislation. There are few public personalities who are willing to  do such a thing and I applaud her (or him 🙂 ) for it.

I think I welcome her video not only because of where she stands, but because she is willing to use and possibly risk her popularity by making it. So many public people are worried about offending their fans, and losing them, by saying the wrong thing that they cannot make a stand on a subject.

Have a look at someone like Ice T. This guy was a thug, he admits it to anyone who will ask him. He did time in prison and had nothing when he got out. Then he starts a career as a gangster rapper and writes pieces about killing cops. Something happened to him at some point and now he is using his influence as a public personality to help kids out of the way of life that he came from. To my knowledge, he has not renounced his past, but he does not recommend it either. And his wife is REALLY hot!

Rapping it up

As far as I am concerned when a public figure can stand up for and speak to their personal convictions and help to influence the thinking of those around them, they are doing a service to their fan base. I may not agree with what they think, but at least I can respect what they have to say.

and as always—Please leave any comments you have



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