No More College for Awhile

At the risk of starting out this blog in a more personal manner than I want it to go, I am going to talk a little more about myself and my goals for this blog, One Lone Castaway’s Rantings. For the past too long, I have been going to school to figure out what it is that I want to do when I grow up. Little did I know that I was growing up and living life while I was learning to live it! I have attained my goal and now have an Associates of Business degree. I am not putting this degree down, but we all know that an Associate’s degree is really only a stepping stone for furthering ones educational aspirations.

Having said that, I am letting everyone know that I am going to put off furthering my formal education and start concentrating on using the experience and schooling I have gathered over the past many years of life. It has been a hard decision, but one that opens many doors and opportunities for me, my family and this blog. In truth, I have always longed to look into various subjects and learn more about them. There may be a seeming randomness to my Rantings, but that is how my brain works, so deal with it and enjoy the ride.

During my reintroduction to education I learned more than the subjects had to offer. I hungered to write on subjects that I was interested in and try to get my thinking organized into a logical manner. The discipline that formal education offered helped in an incalculable way to do this, however I hope it did not quell my spontaneity. If you know me, you know that is a tall order. What I have found may not be logic but an outlook that I hope will mature and develop into a significant social and political commentary. I hope to take a subject and research it, study it and then send out my point of view on it.

And so, I have justified my decision to leave the formal system of education and start on the exciting and challenging one of using the experiences making up my life and outlook. It will be a ride of expected and unexpected turns. Sometimes I  will talk about something and my feelings will expected and predictable, others, I hope, will be significant and surprising and still other times I will simply go off on a rant about some insignificant subject that piqued my interest that day. In any case, I welcome any comments, positive and negative (as long as they are constructive) to my words.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you will enjoy the journey and my Rantings. It might be boring sometimes, but I hope we can all learn something about our world and those who live in it. And maybe we will have an “A-Ha” Moment once in a while to make everything a little more interesting.



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