What is it all about?

This is my first post and I wonder, should it be profound, or maybe it should be whimsical, or just a rant to start this ride off. I have been going over what it is that I want to write for this entire into the blogosphere.

The first post should set the tone of what this site is all about. At first I wanted to talk politics and rant on how ridiculous the system is. This in-fight over semantics we see between the Left and Right. Why can’t they work together and put their over sized egos aside. There is a middle road that the people need. But I felt that topic may be too much for my limited skills at this time. I’ll get there though.

Then I thought maybe I should write about my daughter, the most important person in the world. How she has changed and matured my outlook in life. Maybe I should pontificate on how she has influenced my political and social view. But I thought if I started there those who may read this blog could think this is a personal site, one important to me and mine, yet could have little to say about the world in general. I’ll get to her later.

Then I thought I should steal an entry I wrote for V-TwinRumble.com., a site I frequent and sometimes write for. The post was a rambling recollection of a ride I had last year. But that would be cheating. Actually, the rant was very good and may end up here at some point in the future. A subject that has been running around my brain is concerns  some of the undersized scooters that are overtaking over the road. There was an accident the other day where the guy on his way-too-small scooter was pushed off the road and may have broken his back. This happened right outside the door of my house. Again though, I thought this would mis-define where I want to go with this blog. I will however, get something about the prevalence those buzzing insects on the road.

Well, I guess I have I not really said anything of profound importance, but I think I have gone over some of the topics I will be exploring with this blog. At this point One Lone Castaway’s Rantings will be a roundabout of musings. If you have come this far in reading the first posting great! I welcome any suggestions from you as to what you would like me to write about. If you like what I have to say let me know; if you don’t, let’s have a discussion.


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